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Navigating change


Change is difficult for most organizations because employees have a tendency to resist change. The best laid change plans will fail if leaders do not attend to the human side of change. Therefore, it is important for leaders to have the skills, knowledge, and strategies in place to successfully navigate changes.  Executive coaching helps leaders to not only accept and navigate changes themselves, but to also successfully lead their people through periods of change.

Objective support


Leaders are expected to have all the answers and to produce results; however, this cannot be done without a support system in place. The higher you go in an organization, the harder it is to find such support.  Executive coaching provides an objective, confidential space for leaders to work though issues, test ideas, and make decisions. 

The cold, unvarnished truth


Helpful, constructive feedback is hard to come by, especially for executives. People often hold back from fear of possible repercussions, a place of deference, or simply a lack of knowledge. An executive coach can be that “truth teller”, and provide feedback based on her or his observations, or through the use of 360 tools and stakeholder interviews.

Leadership development


Leadership is a complex mix of competencies, such as creating a vision, fostering teamwork, influencing, being inclusive, empowerment, motivation, being trustworthy, openness, emotional intelligence, just to name a few.  Executive coaching can help leaders to address and develop these competencies, often quicker and in a more targeted way than programmatic methods such as workshops or seminars. 

Increased quality of life


Executive coaching has a positive impact on one’s work life AND one’s personal life.  It can lead to better work-life balance, better relationships with family, less stress, greater sense of purpose and awareness of personal values, better feelings about self and life in general, and ability to insights in other areas of life.

Goal attainment


Nothing feels more satisfying that achieving a long-desired goal.  Executive coaching enables “coachees” to attain their goals more frequently through increased self-awareness, support, and a shift in perspective.

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The Secret to Being a Likable Leader

It’s no secret that having the technical skills and knowledge to successfully execute your duties is only one part of being the best you can be as a leader. Soft skills on the other hand, are those skills, which allow us to effectively lead others. No matter what level of leadership, organization, or industry, you work with people. Taking the time to build effective soft skills can contribute to a more efficient, more harmonious, and more productive workplace as a likable leader. 

Who benefits from executive coaching?



Provides you a fresh perspective and an objective sounding board. Helps to build on your strengths, expand your influence, and develop a solid vision for your team. 



Successful small business owners look to coaches for themselves and their employees to help overcome challenges, learn new skills and deal with complexity. They see help as a way to improve themselves and their business's competitiveness.



Leadership coaching provides an emerging leader with clarity on how to create the elusive, yet critical, integration of one’s professional and personal life. This proactive measure prevents burnout and in turn increases engagement and retention.

Woman in Leadership


Working with a coach gives savvy women an advantage by providing an objective perspective on how best to position themselves given the reality of their workplace.

Mid-Level Managers


Middle managers serve as a vital link between higher-ups and employees. It’s not always an easy job and is often fraught with obstacles. We effectively help middle managers to further develop their knowledge and skill set which translates into your overall success.

Career Transition


 It’s hard to take a step back and understand how your unique background and experience can lend itself to the job for which you are applying. By working with an executive career coach, you can identify your value proposition, articulate why you would make a good hire, and stand out from your competition.


the benefits of High Performance Organizations

Going from Good to Great!

Ask yourself: What’s the best organization I’ve ever been a part of? Why was it so good? How did it feel to be a part of it? What was done to build it and sustain it? Most organizations focus on building pieces of organizational excellence, but few address it holistically, completely and directly.

High performance organizations (HPO) achieve organizational excellence by simultaneously aligning customer needs and wants, mission/vision accomplishment and ongoing staff commitment.  Think of the HPO framework as a means to grow and strengthen your organization, thus positioning it for desired ends related to your mission, vision and values.

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With the right competencies, individuals and teams develop a commitment and apply the right tools to achieve desired quality and satisfaction levels.

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Client Testimonials

Since I started working with Dr. Lou, my effectiveness and impact at work have undergone a transformation in managing my team of 55 employees, with three direct reports. I’ve learned how to empower my direct reports by encouraging them to take on greater responsibility and accountability.

Marie S., Director of Nursing (ICU)
Methodist Hospital 

“Dr. Lou is one of the most effective and innovative executive coaches I’ve worked with. Thanks to his guidance, I was able to push my limits and discover my true potential as a senior leader.” 

Austin G. – VP Customer Services

I was lucky to be assigned to Dr. Lou as my executive coach. What makes Dr. Lou an outstanding coach is his ability to get you to really think about your goals, identify what you need to change to achieve those goals and help execute on the changes.

Amanda A., Registered Nurse (RN), Outpatient

Texas Children's Hospital 

Because of Dr. Lou's coaching, my team has learned to have more respect for me as a leader. In response to the uncertain times we face, I worked to become a leader who provides certainty through a clear vision and consistent department-wide message.

Robert B. , Advanced Manufacturing Systems Engineer
Peterbilt Motors

“Dr. Lou has helped me raise my team’s game to a whole new level and have learned to delegate more effectively. My relationships with peers, direct reports and key decision-makers have improved markedly, making me a more confident leader.” 

Laurie Z., Flight Lead

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