What we believe

Our Mission:

To create high-performance cultures that drive customer-centric strategies in a competitive environment. 

Our Vision::

To Develop high-performance cultures that are out of this world!

Meet our team!


Dr. Louis F. Carfagno/CEO

"Servant leadership is all about establishing boundaries, empowering people to take charge, and then getting out of their way.”–Dr. Lou Carfagno

Dr. Lou Carfagno is a veteran who launched “The Smart Executive L.L.C.” to empower individuals and create high-performance organizations that  grow above and beyond their expectations. Dr. Lou holds a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership and an Masters of Aeronautical Science (MAS) in Aviation Management.  He also has extensive experience including being a professor for an Executive MBA Leadership program, a Global Executive Director in oil and gas, an Astronaut Training Director for the Space Program, a commercial pilot, technical consultant for Hollywood, and Executive Coach. He delivers the foundation for personal and professional development with tangible results. Dr. Lou focuses on developing leaders that are technically strong, competent, and emotionally intelligent. A champion and connector of people, Dr. Lou recognizes potential and knows how to cultivate it.

With over 25 years of leadership experience, Dr. Lou keeps your business goals in mind. He believes that it is important to have effective leaders in your workplace that empower and influence your people to achieve business and team goals. He applies in-depth knowledge of people, processes and procedures to deliver only the highest-qualified results. Simply put, he is dedicated to helping businesses succeed by effectively training the leaders. 


Dr. Savell /Divisional Vice President

Dr. Savell has over 30 years of law enforcement, mentoring, and leadership experience. He earned his  Doctorate in Strategic Leadership from Regent University in December 2005. Don holds a Master Peace Officer Certificate, as well as an Instructor’s License.  

Dr. Savell is also Professor teaching graduate and undergraduate courses in leadership and criminal justice. His expertise includes entrepreneurial start-ups, seasoned corporate executive, or an entire team with the development of the person being foremost for any organization to succeed.   With experience in leadership and team building, 

Dr. Savell has consistently exceeded expectations and is uniquely qualified to assist any organization with the challenges of leadership development and managerial performance. With many years of experience and his specialties in Leadership and Personal Development, Dr. Savell has become a rock in the industry.