Since I started working with Dr. Lou, my effectiveness and impact at work have undergone a transformation in managing my team of 55 employees, with three direct reports. I’ve learned how to empower my direct reports by encouraging them to take on greater responsibility and accountability.

Marie S.- Director of Nursing (ICU)Methodist Hospital 

“Dr. Lou is one of the most effective and innovative career coaches I’ve worked with. Thanks to his guidance, I was able to push my limits and discover my true potential as a senior leader.”

Austin G. – VP Customer ServicesDell

I was lucky to be assigned to Dr. Lou as my career coach. What makes Dr. Lou an outstanding coach is his ability to get you to really think about your goals, identify what you need to change to achieve those goals and help execute on the changes.

Amanda A.- Registered Nurse (RN), Outpatient

Texas Children's Hospital 

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