High Performance Coaching

So, how do you know whether you are considered a high-potential employee?

We help you understanding the four expectations of any high-potential employees and help develop the foundation for meeting leadership requirements and selection. 

  • #1: High Potentials Have High Standards 
  • #2: High Potentials Don’t Overlook Relationships 
  • #3: High Potentials Are Guided by What’s Best for the Organization 
  • #4: High Potentials Are Continuous Learners

We will get you recognized as a Hi-Po Employee or help prepare you for a new career! 

The integrated package is for professionals seeking to development the skills necessary to get noticed as a high-performer by directly aligning with the talent management and HR strategy of your employer. 

Hi-Potential Coaching Package

• Three sessions per month, One hour per session 

• Individual goal setting meeting

• Develop soft skills

• Leadership development questionnaire

• Personality assessment

• Career background review

• Establish a Personal Development Plan (PDP)

• Align PDP with business/organizational goals

•  One months of unlimited email support 

Cost:$499 Down and $ 349 month. Minimum 3-month engagement.

Coaching sessions are either on-line, on-site or at a third-party business meeting location. Most clients prefer to meet on-line or off-site, and Dr. Carfagno maintains a list of appropriate locations convenient to many business centers.

Engagements are structured for three one-hour sessions per month, but clients may opt to receive combined several sessions per month (if schedules allow).

Optional services include integrated departmental assessment and coaching; team dynamics services; additional assessment tools; and other services. Inquire for details specific to your objectives.


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