Leadership Consulting, Coaching and Training For Companies & Non-Profits


How well do you develop your human capital?

We work with corporations, non-profits and other institutions to provide executive leadership coaching, consulting and training. We specialize in developing the leadership and team skills needed to succeed at all levels of an organization, with a focus on:

·  Senior Leadership (C-Suite)

·  Team Dynamics and Effectiveness

·  High-Potential Leadership Development

·  New Leaders, Early-in-Career Leaders

Every engagement is designed to meet organizational goals and provide measurable results. 

One-on-one executive leadership coaching helps an individual develop exceptional leadership skills, resolve issues related to managing and performing, and create greater vision and direction to lead more consistently and effectively. Team coaching aims to create a well-functioning and highly effective team, based on improved communication and accountability. Team coaching includes one-on-one coaching as well as facilitated group coaching.  Leadership consulting encompasses design and delivery of customized programs in leadership development, talent development, organizational development, team dynamics, and strategy. 

We utilize a range of assessments, including: 360 Feedback, Hogan Leadership Profiles, DiSC, MBTI, EQ-i, Leadership Practices Inventory, Strengthsfinder, and more.

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Effective Leadership

People know effective leadership when they see it. And while great leaders may sometimes be born that way, there are certain traits that great leaders share in common that anyone can practice and adopt to become more effective.

What qualities are those? Well, to be a highly effective leader, you must ... Let us provide you some answers. 

Engaged Employees

If you’re a leader—of a team or a company—and you don’t know what an engaged employee looks like or how they behave, you’re operating in the dark. You won’t be able to deduce if an employee has become disengaged or re-engaged. Sure, you can measure employee engagement as a metric, but how can you accurately measure a metric unless you know what’s driving it? 

Unless you know the real-life behaviors that these metrics map to, you won’t have a true insight into engagement. Just because someone shows up to the social events or asks questions in meetings, doesn’t mean they’re necessarily engaged. Let us show you how to create a NASA- Style Engaged Employee. 

Delivering Excellence in Customer Service

Your customer service department is a valuable asset to your company. It plays a vital role in customer retention and in account growth by developing trust with customers over problem issues. Customer service staff also help in product development by assessing the needs of customers and getting customers' opinions. In order to have a efficient customer service department, you need to teach effective customer service techniques. Let us show you how! 

Well-Trained Employees

A well trained employee usually shows greater productivity and higher quality of work-output than an untrained employee. Training increases the skills of the employees in the performance of a particular job. An increase in the skills usually helps to increase both quantity and quality of output.

With the help of training, the best available methods of work can be standardised and made available to all employees. Standardization will make high levels of performance rule rather than the exception. Let us show you how! 

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